Summary surviving a chaotic world and making the 5th Dimension cut

12 Steps to making the cut into 5th Dimension

1 Don’t take the Vaccine

2 Learn how to meditate for it quietens and calms the mind.

3 Open all the Chakras to clear dense energies from within 

4 Connect to higher self and God/ source 

5 Do  the Shadow work . 

6 Do what makes you happy find your peace path to happiness.   because it is all about being in that higher sate of vibration. 

7 Repeat as often as possible positive verbal affirmations about yourself, and also gratitude affirmations for the blessings in your life

8 Protect your energy/money

9  Be mindful of the information you absorb. 

10 Have your go to Zen state of mind

11 Get out into nature, diet food, rest, Exercise

12 Embrace whatever comes your way always see the positive side of things and be patient with the outcome. It is all happening for a reason and it will pass.  

God bless us all.

 peace and lots of love to everyone. Take care