The Coronavirus Chess game

Humanity’s  past is littered with many human wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing 

links involving the Nazis Germany

I am, here to give information as 144,000 mentioned in the book of revelations

We are all here to assist in collapsing the 3rd Dimensional matrix systems from within.

On the website for July release there is guided meditation   Connecting to source energy for positivity, how to connect to  higher self and source or God to act as your GPS and also  because it is an integral part of knowing what role you can play in this process. 

What talents you can bring to the table as a co creator. 

I am also here to counter balance through thought and verbal  intentions anything that is likely to affect the evolutionary shift ,

As co creators  it is for us to take then action towards what we desire so that it  manifest into our reality to create the type of world we want to live in

I asked for the heavens to reveal without reservation information relating to alien activities, and not to hide the truth

God can only do so much. The battle is now internal and so it is for us to take action in dismantling the 3rd Dimensional Matrix  that causes our behavioral standards to remain very low density vibrational. 

Systems education, religion, even health care and vaccines etc

As part of my messages I will explain why things are happening in our world which can mostly be explained as the release and purging of Karmic Debts and Karmic lessons. 

To elaborate on debt something from the previous lifetime or ancestors’ Karmic lesson something from this lifetime. 

I produced link Starting Chakra journey sessions lead up to state when start cutting Karmic cords

And to assist further as part of today’s release give examples of differences between Shadow work  3rd and 5th Dimension . The list is no exhaustive this is a guide that I used for my own shadow work 

I have also done guided meditation to align with 5th Dimension

The other thing we are all capable of transmitting both positive or negative energy through our bodies, so by working on oneself a person can serve by allowing more positive energy to flow into the atmosphere. 

With regards the coronavirus what it is and why

Coronavirus is an energy that can be used negatively or positively

But the coronavirus is only a small part of karmic events which are an overall part of the evolutionary journey. As mentioned in the previous podcast Earth ON A Journey We are going on a journey to a higher state of consciousness. Each person has free will to choose to move to a higher 5th Dimensional state of existence closer to Source of God 

No one will be forced in a direction they don’t want this is why we are going separate way 2 different versions of earth a lower 3rdDimensional New Earth where control through laws and fear are used to manage life forms as opposed to and a higher 5th Dimensional New earth where emotional maturity allows for peaceful co existence with all life forms. 

In order to reach that level of 5th Dimensional emotional maturity all negative aspects and emotions of our world have to be exposed, brought to the surface and purged. 

Karmic debts  need to be paid and lessons to be learned required for soul growth.

The coronavirus situation itself has raised a number of both karmic debt and karmic 

The coronavirus is a Collective Karmic debts relating to the development and use of chemicals for biological warfare, early civilization, to Nazi Germany, Iraq war,

The Lockdown also includes other karmic debts and karmic lessons as we do the same with animals.

The behavior of political leaders throughout this incident have shown their true nature. 

Do we like being controlled I don’t like being Control issues ( Gas lighting )Manipulation secrets 

Other lessons: Do we prefer separation or universal principle of unity consciousness. 

Karmic lessons believing everything we are told without doing own research using intuition 

Karmic lessons putting people on a pedestal 

These are examples of lessons that need to be learnt

But there are still a few things to take care off before we get to the stage of starting the journey through the 4th Dimension. 

So here are some key actions we can take to swing things for humanity

Open our eyes. Wake up 

Understand the Rules of the game. Learn universal principles Laws of how the universe works for these supersede what they come up with example Free will, to choose free will to express, freedom of speech. 

Show unity and Love. 

Remove their incentive vaccine microchips remove the virus, and that puts humanity on a different future trajectory. Repeal all the vaccines laws, prevent laws microchips

Raise awareness be the Divine spark of light, shed light. The truth is always out there darkness hides things and has no obligation to show it. Light makes it visible for all to see. Light illuminates with information. 

Prepare physically, emotionally, mentally spiritually especially for the 4th Dimension transition. 

Be independent, not reliant or codependent on the government.

Hold no fear for anyone or anything serve in the name of God

Speak your truth and make your voice be heard. Silence is compliance silence is acceptance, non-action is acceptance. not saying or doing anything is conforming. 

Participate. Another crucial element that is required in this physical world and it is called positive action. This is what brings reality into fruition in this physical realm. Not enough to just mediate and hope for the best. Action is energy. Everyone ends up in world where you put most energy verbal intentions, start the process of removing the incentives because as already mentioned remove the incentives cure the virus

You too can Help change the course of future for humanity

In the name of our Divine God we ask for assistance with the following verbal intentions through all dimension of space and time, past present and future

I together with many others reject unsafe drugs and vaccines

I together with many others reject all laws and regulations relating to drugs and vaccines which are not for the highest good of humanity and ask that these be repealed

I together with many others reject laws that seek to protect drug and pharmaceutical companies at the expense of humanity and ask that these be repealed

I together with many others reject the use of public money collected via taxes to make others wealthy including the drug and pharmaceutical companies at the detriment of humanity.

I together with many others reject any mandatory laws

I together with many others reject any laws that infringe on our God given right to freedom and ask that these be repealed

I/ We ask of this from our Divine God

And so it is 

thank you God

God bless peace be with you